This blog gives updates on Dr. Sherilee Harper and her team as they partake in ecohealth research with Indigenous communities

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This site is an educational website which focuses on infectious diseases of companion animals (household pets and horses), with an emphasis on zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people. It takes a broader approach, considering diseases that can be spread from animals to people AND from people to animals.

  • She bit what? Bites, antibiotics and… I don’t know what to add
    A colleague sent this leading in with “you can’t make this stuff up.”  He was right. Here’s the Cole’s notes version of the story of a couple’s visit to a Louisiana truck stop. A Florida couple stops at a roadside rest stop that has some animals on display as attractions.… Read more »
  • CDC dog importation flyer
    I was flying home from Vancouver the other day and there was a lot of barking from the holding area near the baggage carousels. It sounded like a lot of dogs were back there, which obviously got me thinking about from where they had come, to where they were going… Read more »
  • Kennel cough: To test or not to test
    “Kennel cough” (now more conventionally termed “canine infectious respiratory disease complex’)  is a fairly common problem in dogs that can be caused by an array of bacteria and viruses. We commonly see it in outbreaks, often linked to kennels, but sometimes we see higher levels of disease in the broader… Read more »
  • Canine Influenza recap: Ontario outbreak
    While it was pretty well documented on the Worms & Germs Blog as it was underway, the full story regarding Ontario’s 2018 canine influenza outbreak(s) has now been published in the latest edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases. You can use the link above to access the full report, but here… Read more »
  • 5 things to remember about zoonoses
    A recent CDC expert commentary was recently published on “Animal Lovers and Zoonotic Diseases: 5 Things to Know“.  Regular readers of Worms & Germs will find many of the points very familiar, but the article provides a nice summary of some of the recurring themes that arise when dealing with… Read more »