This blog gives updates on Dr. Sherilee Harper and her team as they partake in ecohealth research with Indigenous communities

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This site is an educational website which focuses on infectious diseases of companion animals (household pets and horses), with an emphasis on zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people. It takes a broader approach, considering diseases that can be spread from animals to people AND from people to animals.

  • Service, therapy and emotional support animal odds and ends, Part 2
    Following up on the lighthearted rant about fake emotional support animals, it’s important to remember that animals can do great things in many situations. Dental offices weren’t really on my radar until Dr. Anne Gussgard from the UiT Arctic University of Norway contacted me about the work her team was… Read more »
  • Service, therapy and emotional support animal odds and ends, Part 1
    I’ve written (ranted?) regularly about fake service dogs and disruptive emotional support animals. I’ve had the odd “you must hate animals” reply, but selfish people who slap a service dog vest on their pet so they can take it anywhere, just because they want to take it anywhere, cause problems… Read more »
  • Raw diet risks…Study results vs headlines
    A recent study looked at human illness associated with raw pet food and has led to headlines such as “It is safe to feed raw pet foods.” Did the study say that?  No, it did not. If you asked 100 people if they had a foodborne disease in the past… Read more »
  • Mysterious Norwegian dog illness
    Media reports have described a number of Norwegian dogs with  unknown intestinal disease, characterized by vomiting and diarrhea. Cases were first reported in Oslo, with subsequent reports in other towns – whether this indicates spread of disease or spread of awareness isn’t clear.  Oslo could be the epicentre of the… Read more »
  • Crossword answers
    Here are the answers to the latest Worms & Germs crossword puzzle. Rather than my boring answer key, here’s a key sent in by a reader, Dr. Hillary Israeli (with much better illustrations than I could do). Read more »