This blog gives updates on Dr. Sherilee Harper and her team as they partake in ecohealth research with Indigenous communities

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This site is an educational website which focuses on infectious diseases of companion animals (household pets and horses), with an emphasis on zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people. It takes a broader approach, considering diseases that can be spread from animals to people AND from people to animals.

  • New Coronavirus: Companion Animal Concerns?
    The recent reports of human-human transmission of the novel coronavirus that’s been identified in China certainly raise the stakes. While this virus still seems to be less transmissible and less virulent than its relative, the SARS coronavirus, it’s pretty early to have a lot of confidence in that. Lessons seem… Read more »
  • A microbiome rant
    I saw a TV commercial yesterday talking about a skin product and how it “protects your microbiome.” Microbiome is a big buzzword now, but do what do we really know? A lot, and almost nothing. The microbiome is the vast population of microorganisms (mainly bacteria) that live in a site… Read more »
  • Outbreak Report #2: Salmonella from geckos
    This is a smaller outbreak than the puppy outbreak from the previous post, probably in large part because fewer people have contact with geckos, but… Contact with reptiles such as geckos has been a known risk factor for human salmonellosis for years. That’s a big part of the reason for… Read more »
  • Outbreak Report #1: Campylobacter from puppies
    A couple of recent outbreak reports are interesting, though unsurprising, and they help raise awareness about some important issues.  Here’s the first one. The CDC recently released an update on the ongoing investigation into antibiotic-resistant Campylobacter infections from puppies. Contact with puppies (and kittens) has been shown to be a risk … Read more »
  • One Health, antifungal resistance and the overlooked environment
    “One Health” is getting a lot of talk (but still not enough action) these days. It deals with the intersection of human health, animal health and the environment. Unfortunately, all of these components don’t get treated equally, and the environment often gets ignored. There are a variety of reasons for… Read more »