Funding Opportunities

The Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses (CPHAZ) is committed to providing networking opportunities to our faculty members in an effort to expand research and collaborative work in the fields of public health and zoonoses. CPHAZ aims to provide seed money to support initial meet and greets, efforts to build new research teams and preparation of collaborative grants. To achieve this goal, CPHAZ will be offering funding to CPHAZ members for the following networking options.

1) Small scale networking meeting. The aim with these events is to bring together CPHAZ members and researchers from outside of CPHAZ, including government or industry, with similar research interests to discuss possible future connections. The funding includes hospitality, local travel, set up assistance and requires a 1-2 page summary following the meeting covering the meeting expectations and outcomes. Approved proposals will have a brief description in the sponsored events section of the CPHAZ annual report. Maximum funding is $500.

2) Workshop or large scale meeting. A group gathering or workshop can bring together researchers with similar learning objective for a visiting professional sharing their expertise, or to collaborate on grant writing. These meetings may require travel arrangements, accommodations, offsite meeting room, hospitality, set up assistance and a 3-5 page summary following the meeting that clearly displays the outcomes and expectations. We anticipate funding one proposal per year. Maximum funding is $5 000.

The working group proposal requirements include:

  • Must be lead (or co-lead) by a CPHAZ member
  • Visiting professors must give a CPHAZ seminar
  • Must involve participants from outside the University (enhancing collaboration)
  • Must involve participants from more than one department or college
  • Must acknowledge CPHAZ funding
  • Proposals to write grants where the project uses the CPHAZ laboratory will be given priority
  • Must relate to public health and zoonoses at the human-animal-environment
  • We encourage any duplicate or unwanted samples/isolates be donated to the CPHAZ biobank
  • Workshop/meeting should be occurring within 6 months of application for funding
  • Approved proposals will have a brief description in the CPHAZ annual report.

Requirements may change at the discretion of the steering committee, and successful applicants will be made aware and agree upon the restrictions and expectations prior to the funding agreement being signed. Applications are submitted to and reviewed through the CPHAZ steering committee. The CPHAZ steering committee may be able to assist in building a list of potential invitees, or suggesting further participants, should the applicant’s want recommendations. The CPHAZ may offer additional support in logistics of grant writing, such as CCV compilation.

Applications for the large workshops will be accepted by September 15, while small group funding applications will be accepted the 15th of January, June and September of each year. Successful applicants will be notified in approximately one month from submission. If you have an idea or proposal that fits the CPHAZ mandate, but is outside these timelines, please email

Proposals applications can be downloaded here. Download and fill out in Word, save and return to