Who We Are

CPHAZ Director:

Dr. J Scott Weese DVM DVSc DACVIM

Scott Weese is a veterinary internal medicine specialist with a focus on infectious diseases. In his roles as CPHAZ Director, a Professor at the Ontario Veterinary College and Chief of Infection Control for the Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre, Scott focuses on a range of infectious disease issues of animals and humans, including antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, emerging infectious diseases and infection control. He also writes and speaks extensively about infectious (and often zoonotic) diseases, particularly on WormsAndGermsBlog.

CPHAZ Program Manager:


CPHAZ Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee play a crucial role in determining the CPHAZ direction and strategic initiatives by communicating and disseminating knowledge with members and other stakeholders. These individuals are the knowledge breakers between members, other stakeholders, and CPHAZ. The committee members have been selected to include a broad range of content and methodological expertise.

The members of the CPHAZ Steering Committee are:

Andrew Papadopoulos

Andy is an associate professor in the Department of Population Medicine and the coordinator of the Master of Public Health Program. His research focuses on environmental public health issues and public health policy administration

Peter Kim

Peter Kim is a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. His research interests are in bioinformatics and biostatics, mainly in a clinical setting. Peters current research focus includes the gut microbiome and Clostridium difficile infection

Scott Weese

Scott Weese is a professor in the Department of Pathobiology. His research interests focus on multidrug resistant bacteria (particularly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)), bacterial gastrointestinal disease (particularly Clostridium difficile), and transmission of infectious agent between animals and humans.

Andrew Peregrine

Andrew Peregrine is an associate professor of parasitology in the Department of Pathobiology. His research interests include the epidemiology of parasitic infections and development of parasite control programs to reduce drug resistance.


Claire Jardine

Claire Jardine is an associate professor in the Department of Pathobiology, and conducts research in wildlife and ecosystem health, ecology of diseases in wild animal population, and on rodent and vector bone zoonotic diseases.

Z Poljak

Zvonimir Polijak

Zvonimir is an associate professor in the Department of Population Medicine. His research focuses include examining the spread of infectious diseases in swine using a variety of quantitative methods.

CPHAZ Membership

CPHAZ members will have the opportunity to be a part of an active public health community of interest. CPHAZ will provide valuable contacts and information for identifying funding opportunities and collaborations, will organize conference presentations and symposiums, and will assist with knowledge dissemination to different audiences.

Members are expected to have some component of their research, teaching, activities or service dedicated to public health, to be interested in working collaboratively with other scientists working on public health projects of mutual interest, and to participate in activities hosted by CPHAZ.

For additional information regarding CPHAZ membership, please contact us